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Irene Romanelli

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Before earning her J.D., Irene's work with human rights organizations and the United Nations led her to value personal communication and attention to detail above all else. Her fluency in multiple world languages, her experience with real estate law, and her commitment to her clients are what make attorney Romanelli such a trusted resource in the Hartford community.


"I love listening to your story, hearing your concerns, and helping you through every step of the process."

Irene Romanelli

Closing on a home with confidence

The buying and selling of a home is an emotional time. So much energy is spent on making sure everything goes according to plan. Of course, things rarely turn out as we expect. When you are ready to turn a house into a home, you need a real estate closings attorney on your side to ensure the process is as smooth and as swift as possible. Attorney Romanelli can guide you in this.

At the start of the process, a closing attorney will begin to check the status of the title to the property being sold. The closing attorney will then identify any existing mortgages against the real estate that will need to be satisfied at closing. Creating lines of communication between all parties involved in the real estate transaction is another important role for a real estate lawyer.

On the exciting day of closing on a home for you and your family, attorney Romanelli will be present to review the necessary, numerous real estate documents. The closing attorney is available to explain these documents—such as a deed, a note, and a settlement statement— in an effective way so that you can move forward with confidence, and onward with your life.

The final step is crucial. The real estate attorney checks the local registry to update the title, and then disburses any and all fees associated with the transaction, including brokerage fees, county taxes, homeowner insurance premiums, pest inspection fees, and more. Reach out to Romanelli Law Offices in Hartford, Connecticut for skilled guidance throughout this process.


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Why Consider a real estate closings attorney?

Deciding to pursue a new home—a new life—is an important decision. We make these decisions with our families and our children in mind because they matter to us. When something matters so much to us, every stage of the process becomes vital. A real estate closings attorney helps you find your way through the closing process smoothly and effectively, guided by experience.

So many elements make up a real estate transaction. From real estate brokers to mortgage holders to the county tax department, communication between these parties is essential to a smooth transaction. A skilled real estate closings attorney like Irene Romanelli understands the power and impact of effective communication, striving to secure a smooth closing for all involved.

The closing attorney’s role is critical to a residential real estate transaction. Selecting an organized, attentive real estate attorney is important; every detail on every document should be examined and understood. Irene Romanelli has a proven track record of attending to the details of each and every client's case in a way that boosts their confidence moving forward.

When you put your trust in a dedicated real estate closings lawyer, you put your trust in decades of experience and commitment to client success. Allow Romanelli Law Offices to take your residential real estate case in Harford, Stamford, or Norwalk, Connecticut. Schedule a free initial consultation today; don't wait to close on your dream home and focus on your future.